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FCJ series automatically Immersed machine

FCJ series automatic immersed machine (varnish impregnation machine)
FCJ series automatic immersed machine mainly applied to various industrial motors 
and fractional horsepower motor stator winding insulation.Such as:Industrial electric
 motors, household appliances, motors and other motor stator, transformer coil 
winding insulation immersed processing.In addition to the entire production process 
fully automated workpiece loading and unloading outside.Workpiece at atmospheric 
pressure by setting the technical parameters, automatic coil winding of the preheating, 
varnish, gel curing process. Automated production methods, to ensure the workpiece 
processed by the constant insulation quality standards.

Equipment, heating energy: conventional electric heating, the conditions can be 
customized according to customer energy fuel type, gas type (natural gas) products.
Immersion: lift, down-type; control systems: conventional control system with human-machine interface type (touch screen) control system.

FCJ main technical performance parameters

Name Unit FCJ130-16 FCJ130-26 FCJ230-32 FCJ300-30 FCJ130-46 FCJ650-18 FCJ650-22
Public median (A) 16 26 32 30 46 18 22
Immersion depth mm  130 130 230 300 130 650 650
Chlorophytum bearing area mm 850×300 850×300 850×300 850×300 850×300 1170×500 1170×500
Chlorophytum load kg 80 80 120 120 80 250 250
Beat time min 1~90 Adjustable
Heating heating time min <45
Bake Temperature ≤160℃
Dimensions m 3.8×2.2×2.5 6×2.2×2.5 8.9×2.2×2.9 10.8×2.2×2.9 10×2.2×2.5 12×2.4×4.8 14.8×2.4×4.8
Total Power kw 40 60 75 80 80 75 108

*Process based on user requirements, design and manufacture can be

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